Kansas Abortion Statistics

– Updated June 2023 –

Source: Kansas Department of Health and Environment,
Abortions in Kansas 2022, Preliminary Report

Abortion Rates Are Surging in Kansas

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) reported a large surge in abortion numbers in its most recent abortion statistics report.

Year-over-Year Increases, 2021 to 2022

State records show 2022 had the largest ever increase in overall number of abortions, up 57% from the previous year. In the report, KDHE documents the highest number of abortions in over 20 years, totaling 12,318.

Large increases were recorded in all of the following:

· Out-of-state residents – up 117% to 8,475. More than twice as many abortions were performed on out-of-state residents than in-state residents.

· Abortions performed on minor girls – up 49% to 300, compared to a 5% increase the prior year.

· Dilation and Evacuation (live dismemberment) abortions – up 29% to 616

· Chemical abortions by pill (Mifepristone) – up 38% to 7,339. Women are expected to complete these abortions by ingesting a second chemical on their own at home or another location, such as a hotel. 

Additional updates on Abortion in Kansas

Abortion facilities filed suit in June 2023 against the Kansas Woman’s Right to Know Act, seeking to remove requirements to provide full information to women considering abortion about risks and alternatives at least 24 hours in advance of an abortion. The lawsuit seeks to remove informed consent requirements that provide women with disclosures about abortion providers who have received disciplinary actions by the state Board of Healing Arts, allow her to view her ultrasound at no additional expense, let her know that it is illegal for anyone to force her to have an abortion, and that she has a right to change her mind and withdraw her consent to the abortion.